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Dan Lynch and Paul Rutherford

The Authors

Dan Lynch is the author of eleven books both fiction and non-fiction. He is a veteran newspaperman, nationally distributed columnist, and radio and television commentator. His live radio program is broadcast weekdays on TALK 1300, Albany’s leading news-talk station. He formerly created and hosted a television interview show, Dan Lynch Dialogues, which aired weekly on NBC affiliate WNYT. In addition to his radio show, Dan writes and produces documentary films. For more information please visit

Paul Rutherford is an author, screenwriter and producer. He has written two novels and two non-fiction books. He has produced, written and consulted on several documentary films and is currently writing and producing a pilot for a reality television series entitled The DRIVE and working on his third novel, A Royal Treatment. His essays are regularly aired on National Public Radio affiliate WAMC. For more information please visit

History of Dan & Paul

Dan & Paul were brought together in January 2003, by a mutual friend, George Hearst III, when Dan was seeking a co-author to write about three WWII veterans living in Upstate New York who fought during the Battle of the Bulge. That coloration led to the publishing of “Into the Dragon’s Teeth: Warriors Tales of the Battle of the Bulge” and a year later the production of a one-hour documentary film of the same name. It also resulted in a business partnership and friendship.

Since that first project, they have produced several other documentary films together and have continued to pursue their own individual writing careers. Recently they have decided to become more heavily involved in historical documentaries and currently have a dozen films under development. was established in the spring of 2009 as a way to offer their products to the public and keep their audience informed about future projects in process.


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