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The Bahama Triangle


The Bahama Triangle


For anyone who loves a fast paced, action adventure story, this is the book for you and if you are a tennis player, it’s a must read.
Christmas morning finds ex-tennis star, Nicholas Gordon waking up to his third holiday among the palms. A career ending injury has relegated him to a life coddling the rich and famous at the world renowned Atlantis Resort. He reaches for an all too familiar rum and coke to ease the pain. Drinking and gambling are the vices he longs to get under control as he plans his escape from his paradise purgatory.

His desired departure is hastened when a local drug dealer, Bobo Jims, threatens his part-time girlfriend, Taylor Philips. Taylor is involved with another man who owes a great deal of money to Bobo, and the criminal has given Nick three days to reveal his whereabouts. The clock is ticking when he meets a beautiful, rich socialite and she shares a secret that could alter his bleak circumstance. All he has to do is trust her with his life savings. The decision; stay and risk all his money and their lives or run, and pray that they won’t be found. Time is running out. Read The Bahama Triangle and feel the heat!

What they are saying about “The Bahama Triangle"

“I am an avid reader of adventure books, Ludlum, Uris, Clavell, Wilbur Smith to name a few.  The Bahama Triangle and Paul Rutherford are right up there for my entertainment!”
-John Newcombe—Former No.1                                                                 and 25-time Grand Slam Champion

“If you haven’t read a Paul Rutherford book you are in for hours of fast paced exciting action, with enough twists and turns to keep you reading till the last page.”
Cliff Drysdale—ESPN Tennis Analyst and
former Grand Slam Doubles Champion

“I couldn’t put it down.  It is a fabulous, fabulous book.  It would make a great movie.”
Owen Davidson—12 time Grand Slam Champ                                                          


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