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Coming for Christmas:

“Eat and Run: Breakfast, Kids and Chaos” by Jodie Fitz

Loaded with fun, tasty breakfast recipes that deliver the nutrition your child needs to start their day… and they won’t even know it’s good for them.

Jodie Fitz of the “Price Chopper Kids Club” has finally penned the recipes that she has been sharing with kids for years as she travels from school to school. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for children and Jodie has recipes that even your fussiest eater will love… and because it’s fast, easy and good for them…you’ll love it too.


History Shorts: A Look Back in Time

Dan and Paul write and produce a series of historical short documentaries.  Some of the topics include:

Flyboys – The Glen Curtis Story,

The Intercoastal – a history of the intercoastal waterway,

Mystery Woman – the relationship between a woman and a general that changed the course of history,

The Undefeated – the story of the only two Indian nations never to surrender to the United States Government,

The Man who Shot the Man who Shot Lincoln – who was the man who killed James Wilkes Booth,

...and more.


Beyond the Epic Run

Beyond the Epic Run (DVD)
“Beyond the Epic Run” is a feature length documentary reality film about a Swiss couple who live their dream to run around the world. Together, Serge and Nicole Roetheli leave on an epic adventure that leads them out of Europe, through Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the United States, testing their boundaries, strengthening their minds and challenging their bodies. Running the equivalent of a marathon every other day, Serge, the endurance sports runner, runs nearly 25,400 miles in five years, while his wife Nicole follows at an average speed of 7 ½ miles per hour in her Yamaha motorcycle. Using their personal video camera they capture footage used in this film. Excerpts from Nicole’s personal diary reveal their experiences, adventures and accomplishments throughout their journey together. For more information visit



A Royal Treatment – Novel by Paul Rutherford
In 1934 a scientist in San Diego invents a machine that can cure cancer and a host of other viral borne diseases. By 1936 these machines were alleviating maladies with a 100% success rate in doctor’s offices around the country. By 1939 the inventor had been discredited, his research had been mysteriously destroyed and his machines had been erased from the face of the planet.
Almost seventy years later, a group of research scientists uncover some hidden paperwork stored away in the archives of the pharmaceutical giant they work for. They replicate the machine and testing described to find that the apparatus can eradicate most of the world’s most deadly illnesses. They immediately make arrangements to bring this miracle to light. Three weeks later they’re all dead.

Erin Corbett, a newly graduated law student and her estranged high school boyfriend, Justin Michaels, a real estate agent currently under suspicion for a series of high profile jewel heists will be drawn together by the death of an old classmate to solve the mystery. She’s on the run and he’s collateral damage as she seeks his help and protection. They don’t know what they know, but it’s enough to authorize their termination.
For a fast paced page turning thriller this just what the doctor ordered.
Status – In process



Where the Road Ends: A Film about Robert Marshall
This one-hour documentary follows the short life of legendary conservationist Robert Marshall and his quest to secure the American Wilderness for enjoyment by future generations.  Encouraged and nurtured by an activist father and spending his youth summering in the Adirondacks, young Bob summated all 46 high peaks in the company of his great friend and guide, Herb Clark and his brother, George.  His love for the outdoors grew and soon his travels took him west and then north to Alaska.  He would become a founder and early benefactor of the Wilderness Society and an Adirondack mountain, Alaskan lake and State Park in Montana would all bear his name.  Author, PhD, Explorer, Advocate…Legend, “Where the Road Ends” is where his journeys began.  

Status – In Development

The Mystery Woman of Saratoga – One hour documentary
Based on the novel, “Thunder of Captains” by Dan Lynch, this film follows the exploits of General John Burgoyne and the young woman he lured away from her commissary officer husband on his way to crush the American rebellion in the colonies.  With his sights set on becoming the next prime minister of England and his attentions focused squarely on molding his female companion into a lady worthy of his new post, this is the story of how a bizarre love affair gave rise to the birth of a nation.

When Burgoyne sailed from England with a force composed of British regular soldiers and a contingent of paid German mercenaries, he left behind a dying wife.  In Canada, he picked up a new woman. She was the wife of a junior officer, and her manners needed polishing.  Burgoyne knew that he had to make this new woman into a lady before he won the war and returned home in triumph.  That chore would take time, effort and energy -- all of which, as it turned out, would have been more productively spent on military matters.

The film documents Burgoyne's trek south, a hard-fought journey that took months as Burgoyne entertained relentlessly and exposed his new lady to the social companionship of women like Lady Harriet Acland, the wife of one of Burgoyne's well-born officers, and the Baroness Frederika von Reidesel, the wife of the commander of Burgoyne's hired German troops.  Staying in fine mansions along the way, Burgoyne might as well have been entertaining in London -- which was, it seems, precisely the atmosphere he was seeking to create for the new woman on his arm.  All the while, Burgoyne was confident that his forces along with reinforcements from Lord Howe in New York City would defeat the American colonists and catapult him to the prime minister’s seat.  But that was not to be.

Status – in development


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