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Farm Fresh Guide


A Guide to Buying Farm Fresh:
Eating Well and Safely in Upstate New York

Julie Cushine-Rigg


A Guide to Buying Farm Fresh is a resource explaining how to purchase safe, healthy and tastier food in the Capital Region. The book shares the many options available for consumers to buy direct from our local farms and the value that behavior has on our Upstate New York economy. New York State is a major food producer, ranking in the top five in the nation in milk and other food production, and with its 19 million consumers enjoys the unique capacity to make its food system safer and more local.

Author Julie Cushine-Rigg takes us through the alphabet soup of terms and abbreviations associated with the food industry, allowing the reader the knowledge and confidence to take advantage of the exciting trend toward buying local. Healthy, more nutritional food options are available right here in our own backyard and this book will allow you the information to access those alternatives and support some area farmers that would sincerely appreciate your business.

Whether purchasing grass-fed beef, artisan cheeses, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables or identifying a restaurant that serves farm fresh foods, A Guide to Buying Farm Fresh will empower you to make the best decision about what you and your family eats.                                                       


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