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Mogul One Productions

Mogul One Productions

– A full service film production company

Mogul One Productions is a full service film production company that writes and produces film projects for all levels of broadcast media.
Mogul One Productions will be writing and producing a series of historical documentaries beginning with “The Mystery Woman of Saratoga”. This is the story of the Battle of Saratoga in what historians have characterized as "the military clash of the millennium." It's also the story of a determined, passionate woman whose love affair with a general altered the course of history. It's a dramatic, romantic tale about a bizarre sequence of events that created a nation. It's a story about courage, conviction, foolhardiness and doomed love. Moreover, it's all true. This really happened, and almost nobody knows about it.

Mogul One also has eleven other stories currently in development. Mogul One Productions works with a group of very talented Hollywood and local companies including Make Believe Media USA, Invisible Films, Diplomat Entertainment, Lynch Productions, Luzurne Productions, Shenise Productions and Pilotgirl Productions.

Mogul One Productions is available for hire and is always happy to speak with anyone who may be interested in investing in one of our current or future projects. We produce quality film projects to your specifications and needs, quickly, professionally and affordably. For more information contact Paul Rutherford at 518-944-0690 or email through this website.



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