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Straight Talk on Reverse Mortgages


Straight Talk on Reverse Mortgages


Reverse Mortgages are the latest, greatest product to hit the mortgage industry… even though they’ve been around since 1961. Since inception there have been less than 500,000 of these mortgages written… but almost a third of these have been written in the last year. Currently there are 14 million households across the country eligible for a reverse mortgage and the market continues to grow every day as “baby boomers” reach age 62. Getting a loan that you never have to make a payment on and allows you to live in your house for the rest of your natural life can be a very attractive option.

This book is a concise and timely account of the product and the pluses and minuses of using your home as collateral in a negative amortization environment. It is not for everyone, but for a senior who needs it to supplement their income, pay off debt, afford the necessities of life, do improvements to their residence or have money available for peace of mind, it may provide a much needed life line to a more comfortable and secure retirement.

This book will give seniors, their family and advisors the information they need to make an informed decision as to whether this type of loan is a correct option.         



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