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Tennis Fantasies

Tennis Fantasies with the Legends (DVD)

(DVD) - $20

Every October there is a week long gathering of thirteen of the world’s greatest Tennis Legends…and not many people know anything about it.

Under a warm southwestern sun, these men are joined by almost 100 campers who are drafted and divided into teams that will battle for the coveted camp championship.  It is a competition born of Davis Cup and highly prized by all the attendees.

With the secrecy of a cloistered brotherhood the legends and many of the campers come back year after year to the Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Branfels, Texas to share the fun, competition and fellowship of those who love the game of tennis.

Now for the first time, this entire experience has been documented on film.  “Tennis Fantasies with the Legends” is now available to give the viewer an insiders look at this unique event…it’s the next best thing to being there…but the best thing is that the opportunity to be part of this phenomenon is still possible…and it’s nothing like you’d expect from a fantasy camp.







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