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Three Lakes Publishing

The Thunder of CaptainsThree Lakes Publishing is owned and operated by authors Paul Rutherford and Dan Lynch along with their partner, director Robert English. The publisher is primarily interested in non-fiction books but will consider works of historical fiction if tied to world events or the Capital Region of Upstate New York.

Three Lakes published their first offering, “The Thunder of Captains” by Dan Lynch in January of 2010. This is the story of how a little known love affair between another man’s wife and a General affected the birth of our nation, all set against the backdrop of one of the most significant encounters in history, the Battle of Saratoga.

Ed DagueThree Lakes published and released a book titled "Six and Eleven: A TV Anchor Looks Back" by long time Channel 13 anchorman, Ed Dague. This book offers readers a witty, insightful and often humorous inside look at the who, what and why of the local television news industry both then and now, as seen through the eyes of a man who was familiar to most Upstate New York homes for years. It also portrays the epic struggle that Ed faced during his time behind the desk and now, as he battles daily to control the pain associated with the chronic inflammatory disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis.


A Guide to Buying Farm FreshThe newest release from Three Lakes Publishing is "A Guide to Buying Farm Fresh: Eating Well and Safely in Upstate New York" by Julie Cushine Rigg. This book will get you started to understanding how to acquire fresher, tastier and safer food at local venues in the Upstate New York Capital Region.


Three Lakes Publishing is committed to seeking out quality and entertaining works that are both relevant and revealing as they relate to our Upstate New York region and the world. If you have a story of interest, please query us.

Three Lakes Publishing is currently accepting manuscripts for consideration. Please submit query letters by email to


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