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Via Papale

Via Papale
The Lost Road of the Popes

a Mogul One Production

$19.95 - DVD

Beginning with a city in ruin, the Pope under arrest and Catholicism under siege, “Via Papale: The Lost road of the Popes”’ is the untold story of a lost road on which 16th century Rome and its church rose from the 1544 sacking and destruction to make the most profound urban and religious comeback in history.

In little more than a lifetime, fueled by faith, wealth and mission, we follow the reign of six powerful popes and their dynasties and how they take on the task of rebuilding the new Rome. They have separate agendas, but one common thread, the need to rebuild their legacies along Rome’s most important address, the “road of the popes” named for the route of the Papal processions and known as the Via Papale.

The first film of the magnificent monuments and churches of Rome shot in high definition, this is the story of a remarkable renaissance of art and architecture along a road that today is all but forgotten.





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